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VellTrade technologies

Prodexpo-2015 exhibition results have proved the highest level of our professionalism. Our “Isabella” soft drink was rewarded with a golden medal in “innovations in technology” nomination. Our unique differ is a technology of manufacturing soft drinks on the base of high quality mellow wines. There are no analogies of this product on Russian market: neither from the quality point of view nor from the taste. We offer you a really unique innovative product, not just a new version of cola.

VellTrade History

VellTrade company has been established in2013 together with a Switzerland company New Tech Invest. We took approved and well-tried Swiss norms, German equipment and Russian intellectual potential and put this combination as a base.

During 2013 and 2014 our united team of specialists has been creating unique forms and technologies of lemonades and beers manufacturing based only on natural ingredients without using preservatives.

There's no need for our consumer to be a professional technologist to get the uniqueness of these goods. It takes just to open a bottle to enjoy recherché flavor and natural taste of high quality beverages.

We launched our first beer brand Emelya in the end of 2013.

We created 6 flavors within this line, 4 are already being produced and 2 others are to be launched in 2015.

We presented a new soft drink brand NatureFresh in the end of 2014. This brand was represented with 8 flavors: 2 were created based on natural dry wines, 3 were traditional flavors and 3 based on popular cocktails.

In the middle of 2015 our company is planning to launch a new premium lemonade brand “Muscatel”.

Did You Know?

Bitter in beer means the beer is real and contains malt.