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Nature Fresh

100% natural lemonade

One of the key benefits of NatureFresh lemonades is natural base. Beverages have a unique taste thanks to the most important principal in our manufacturing – using only natural ingredients. As well as real artesian water and natural sugar syrup. We bottle our NatureFresh lemonades using the newest German equipment KRONES, according to all sanitary and ecological norms.

We run the whole manufacturing process under control of Switzerland company NEWTECHINVEST, based on patented technology.

Our lemonades don't contain artificial sweeteners, GMO and artificial colors.


Isabella grape – delicious richie flavored and very healthy berry. This heavy dark grape is gathered in autumn and turned into juice. After that, we add some natural wines Saperavi and Rkatsiteli straight into the fresh juice to give our Isa...


NatureFresh Grenadine is based on pomegranate fresh juice –you will definitely rate its rich ruby sweetness on the highest level. Lemonade with natural pomegranate syrup has a toning and refreshing influence. This soft drink will give you en...


Cherry-caramel lemonade contains natural cherry syrup, which is well known by its ability to cure and a huge number of vitamins and nutritions presented in this berry. Thanks to its antioxidant characteristic, cherry syrup is improving metabolic p...


This is a truly delicate flavor: Strawberry-vanilla lemonade will surprise you and your loved ones. Lemonade contains natural syrup made of juicy fresh strawberries and aromatic vanilla, without any artificial flavors and colors.



NaturalFresh Mohito is a lemonade with an absolutely genius combination of lime juice and refreshing mint. Lime juice is a source of vitamin C, and mint has ability to tone you. Mohito lemonade will become a desirable and favorite beverage in your...


NatureFresh Tarhun is made according to traditional recipe keeping the best flavor characteristics. Natural ingredients in this lemonade such as estragon (tarragon) givethe beverage a unique delicious flavor of herbs. Best quality for real connois...


NatureFresh Muscat lemonade is a masterpiece created from the best white grapes that don’t have any analogies on the market. We use natural dry wine Rkatsiteli while preparing the syrup. Muscat lemonade will be a perfect addition to your goo...


Duchess lemonade is created fromnatural pear syrup. Pear juice is known as a delicious, healthy, rich and almost curing beverage. NatureFresh keeps all the healthy attribute of pears in this lemonade. NatureFresh Duchess lemonade with a natural pe...