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What makes Emelya beer production special? We not only choose the best ingredients carefully, but also treat the brewing process of the real “alive” beer with all the responsibility and scrupulosity.

We purchase main ingredients for the best beer in Czech Republic, the country which owned the right to be called the flagship of European brewing. Only the combination of Czech soft climate and high-tech agrarian segment could have given a birth to the first class malting barley – a base of our ale-wort manufacturing. We also use redolent hops in manufacturing process: the second important ingredient as well as ale-yeast. In brewing we use 2 main types of hops: middle early ripeningSaaz and Hallertau aroma cultivars.

Clear spring water usage reflects our intention to use only natural and proved components.

Emelya «Lager»

Emelya «Lager» is brewed according to well-tried recipe, using real spring water, Czech malt, best hops and high quality ale-yeast. We follow strict rules and stages of brewing as well as constant control of ferme...

Emelya «Light lager»

Emelya «Light lager». This kind of lager, brewed by our brewing company, has less alcohol (only 3,6%) and the fermentation process takes only 16 days, which is also reduced in comparison with classic a...

Emelya «Amber ale»

Emelya «Amber ale» is a product that combines excellent taste and rich amber color. Adding more ale-wort (up to 15%) during brewing gives the beverage this amber color and unique taste and flavor. Thick and creamy...

Emelya «Strong ale»

Emelya «Strong ale» is a beer brewed only from high class ingredients made in Czech Republic. This kind of beer has a rich flavor and a bright hops bitter – a quality that is reached by long-term fermentatio...

Emelya «Dark ale»

Emelya «Dark ale» – a beverage for realconnoisseurs, who value not only beer taste but also its appealing look. Rich color of the best Russian dark ale Emelya sparkles with different tints on the light and i...

Emelya «Classic»

Emelya «Classic» beer is brewed for people who respect traditions and prefer the well-tried classic quality of beer brewing to any experiments. The ingredients of this type: spring water, real Czech malt and aroma...