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About Company

From the very first days of existing VellTrade company has chosen a destination to manufacturing only high quality products with the help of new innovative methods.

We create brand new types of products with new consumers attributes, as well as significantly improve the existing types of products, switching the manufacture process to absolutely new and effective methods and manufacturing systems.


ВInnovations in our work:

  • Technological – creative brand new technologies for effective manufacturing or improving the already existing methods to create the best in class products.
  • Product – developing products with new and healthy attributes.
  • Organizational – management system improvement.
  • Marketing – using new or improved marketing tools, to build the most effective marketing strategy which will deliver the best results at any stage of product development and promotion: from design and packaging to new methods of presentation and selling products (services), from launching and promoting the products on the market to new pricing strategies development.

The tools mentioned above help us to create the products of high quality and conquer the hearts of our consumers. VellTrade products have taken a well deserved position in natural and high quality products category.

Our achievements

Gold medal for innovation in technology
Gold medal for innovation in technology


Продажи теперь и в вашем городе

01.04.2015 Продажи теперь и в вашем городе intro

Успех. Выставка. Медаль.

WellTrade получил золотую медаль за инновации в технологиях intro

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Мы участвуем в выставке достижении народного хозяйства intro